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Electrical Maintenance


Risk assessments must be carried out for business establishments, care homes, hotels, schools, public buildings etc; and in every case there will be a requirement for adequate emergency lighting to be installed and routinely tested.

Emergency lighting is required to assist safe evacuation in the event of dangerous incidents and can ultimately save lives. It is therefore essential that the emergency lighting products used are manufactured to a high quality using the very best components.

Element provide maintenance as required according to BS5266. Each visit consists of testing and examination of the system to prove full integrity and satisfactory operation. Included is a full mains failure condition to test the response of all lighting. A full written report is issued upon completion of each visit. As part of this contract a 24-hour emergency call out service is also included should a fault arise which requires immediate attention by a qualified engineer.

The Emergency lighting products we can supply install and maintain offer style, quality, reliability, value for money and peace of mind.

We have a proven track record as a reliable Emergency Lighting Supplier and for designing and building special electronic products to meet the demands of specific projects. We can also offer products utilising specialised sheet steel enclosures, louvres, specular reflectors and injection moulded parts.

Probably the most popular method of providing emergency lighting in modern commercial buildings is to integrate the appropriate inverter and battery pack into a normal mains voltage luminaire. Emergency Lighting Products offer a fully registered service where trained engineers modify luminaires so that the inverter/battery equipment is installed in accordance with ICEL1004 ensuring that the completed luminaire complies with the CE Marking Directive.

We offer a wide range of emergency lighting conversion kits for low voltage (tungsten & tungsten halogen) lamps. Emergency Lighting Kits are available utilising a single enclosure housing the electronics and Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries or as multi-part packs suitable for passing through ceiling cut-outs. Standard options offer 20Watt and 50Watt loads for 3-hour duration but other load/durations are available to order. The THK emergency lighting packs can be used as non-maintained supplies, wired to external transformers for maintained operation or supplied complete with an electronic transformer for self-contained maintained operation.

Emergency luminaires look identical to the mains luminaires within the same installation.
Only an additional un-switched live supply needs to be installed to those luminaire positions selected for the emergency lighting layout design.

No need for different lamps during routine lamp replacement.